A Nature Adventure was a storybook read by Wing Span only in the episode "The School". Wing will be their school teacher because their real teacher, Ms. Olivia, is not feeling well today. The story book is also written by Wing.

Storyline Edit

"Long, long ago, their are two children named Hansel and Gretel. They are walking for a journey in the woods and hills. It was very beautiful with a happy faced sun, rainbows, and flowers.

One day, they stood upon an evil witch! But, she's just a gentle witch and decided to bring her to her house.

While following her to her house, Hansel and Gretel knew that their will be gold treasure for them to be very, very rich.

The witch showed them her house which is made of candy. The roof is made of cupcake, the windows are peppermint candy, the walls are made from gingerbread, and the door is made of chocolate. They then went inside.

The witch and Hansel and Gretel are coming up with a plan for Hansel and Gretel to steal a golden crown for her. She told the kids when she is young, she used to be a student at Preschool. However, some of her three friends are young 6-year-old bullies as they made fun of her and calling her a smarty pants.

The witch ordered both of them to steal a golden crown from the museum. Later that night, they sneaked into the museum and rob the gold crown as the guards are sleeping. Back at the witch's house, they gave her the golden crown, and she became the Queen of the Land! Hansel and Gretel decided to live with her, and they didn't go home forever. The end - Wing Span