Aunt Chelsea is Isabella's aunt. Also, she is Mrs. Males' cousin.

Appearence Edit

Aunt Chelsea has green and pink feathers all over her body, she wears a golden ring which is decorated with rubies, she wears a blue sleeveless dress, and she also wears red high-heels.

Aunt Chelsea
Aunt Chelsea travel to England.
Aunt Chelsea travel to England.
Vital statistics
Position twirling
Age 24-25
Status Good
Physical attributes
Height 12cm
Weight 13kg

Personality Edit

Aunt Chelsea likes to say good morning to her daughter. She also likes being beautiful by putting on her colorful make-up. She was sometimes shy, like a mimosa plant.

Trivia Edit

  • She first appears in the episode "Kindergarten's Sports Day". She cheers for her daughter, Isabella, to play soccer very well, while holding a "Go, Isabella, go" sign.
  • She stills appeared in every episode. But in the episode "Summer Camp", she doesn't actually appeared.
  • She really doesn't have an uncle, but her husband had travel to India for a long trip for thousand years.