Chuck Adoodledoo
01Chuck eng
Chuck and his Golden Egg (original)
Vital statistics
Position Good
Age 13
Status Good
Physical attributes
Height 1m30
Weight 130cm

Chuck Adoodledoo, inherited Golden Egg Securities from his Uncle Dan who disappeared in mysterious circumstances, and has made it his mission to find him again. Chuck is the clumsiest chicken on Rocky Perch Island, and the least likeliest hero you’d ever meet. That was until he received Uncle Dan’s mystical talisman, an object that bestows the wearer with amazing Kung Fu abilities. In the guise of his alter ego, Kung Fu Chicken , he protects the inhabitants of Rocky Perch from Dr.Mingo, and the many other villains that lurk around the island. In his role as Kung Fu Chicken, Chuck has many amazing abilities, but still relies on his best friends, Flick and Wing, to get him out of trouble when things go wrong, and since they go wrong frequently, Flick and Wing are kept very busy indeed.


Chuck Chicken Is a Chicken Who is on The TV Show


Chuck Adoodledoo Is a White Chicken With Both Blue Eyes and Eyelids, Orange Beak, Long Yellowish-Orange Feet, Black Eyebrows, Red Hoops, red Chicken Hair, and Wears a Red Tightly Shorts, Black Pants, and Black Bracelets.


Wing Span Wing is his best friend.

Flick Feathers In some episodes Chuck has a crush on Flick

Abilities Edit

Original Edit

Speeding Cheetah Edit

An ability that make Chuck run super fast.

Rhino Punch Edit

An ability that gives Chuck the strength of a rhino.

Miniscule Rat Edit

An ability that shrink Chuck into the size of a mouse.

Spider Feet Edit

An ability that enable Chuck to climb walls.

Stinky Skunk Edit

Chuck's special ability, an ability that turns Chuck into a skunk and create an annoying smell.

Spinning Mole Edit

An ability that help Chuck digs under ground as fast as a mole.

Armadilo Shield Edit

An ability that makes his skin as tough as an armadillo's.

Invisible Chameleon Edit

An ability that help Chuck blend in with his surroundings.

Bat Power Edit

An ability that help Chuck hears the ultrasound waves.

Rubber Snake Edit

An ability that help Chuck extend his limbs.

Eagle Eyes Edit

An ability that help Chuck sees at a very far distant, help Chuck flies and help Chuck attack his enemies.

Chuck Chicken: Power-Up Edit


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