This is the second episode of first season of Chuck Chicken Power Up


In the middle of the night in the forest a green explosion is heard and The Sinister Emperor turned all the animals into skeletal barbaric warriors who wields dark fiery swords maces shields and axes terrorizing all the hikersand headed to the city which alerted Chuck and Little Phoenix and turned into Soaring Falcon. He ordered his skeletal minions to attack him but he managed to defeat all of themby shooting all energy arrows and exploded and were reduced into skeletons which angered the Sinister which uprooted him and his jetpack managed to defeat. Unfortunately Sinister was turned into a demonic skeletal dragon who can shoot green fireballs from his hands and mouth and even created a fiery shield which protect him from energy arrows and later breathes fire at him but Chuck protects himself with his wings and he lashed his tail at him. He discovered that a green gem on his chest has a weak spot and threw a flash bomb blinding him and charged at him with his energy eagle form defeating him and all the animals back to normal and the Sinister vanished into thin air/


  • Chuck Chicken
  • Little Phoenix
  • Villains
  • Sinister Emperor(first appearance)
  • Skeletal Animal Warriors(major appearance)

Trivia Edit

This is the second episode of Chuck Chicken Power Up

This is the first appearance of Sinister Emperor and this is the first time Chuck used Soaring Falcon with energy feather arrow shooting flight and energy eagle beam

  • This the first time Sinister Emperor used his staff to create skeletal warriors(foxes raccoons rabbits and deers) who wield swords daggers maces shields and axes and later got turned into a demonic skeletal dragon who can breathe fire can create fireballs and powerful tail whip.