Flick Feathers is a beautiful, feisty white Dove with attitude. She’s the Kung Fu Princess on Rocky Perch Island. She also keeps her 2 best friends, Wing Span and Chuck Adoodledoo. Dr. Mingo falls in love with Flick after Pen and Guin kidnapped her. Dr. Mingo loves Flick as tries to kiss her. Every time, Flick spends her time trying to avoid Dr. Mingo and his kisses.

Relationship Edit

Friends Edit

Chuck Adoodledoo Edit

Chuck is a friend of Flick, he fast meets to the Golden Egg, he smart, he can some episodes she have a crush on chuck

Wing Span Edit

Wing is a freind of flick

Enemies Edit

The Ducks Edit

They're enemies of her and friends

Dr. Mingo

He loves her and was spending his time trying to kiss Flick.

Relatives Edit

Mrs and Mr. Feathers Edit

They're is a parents of Flick, she can see her parents too sow good

In the Series Edit

In the episode "She Loves Mingo Not", she falls in love with Don which he's part of the The Ducks. Then, Dr. Mingo got shocked to see that Flick and Don kissing each other, which the hearts on his eyes broke. At Dr. Mingo's lair, he's crying with two broken hearts on his eyes. Guin tries to calm him down, which he got upset when he and Flick got to break up.