Jurina Le Mala (also known as Jurina the Fashionista in English) was Chuck Adoodledoo's only current fashionista doll, after the Mr. Impossible action figure. She is based on Chuck's current TV show, "La Mala". Her first appearance is "Where is Jurina Le Mala?", where she is bought from the La Mala Fashionista Doll Store by Chuck.

Jurina Le Mala
File:Jurina, Chuck Adoodledoo's Fashionista Doll
Vital statistics
Position Fashionista doll
Age 12
Status Good, later bad
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Appearance Edit

She has blonde hair with a ponytail with a violet bow, she also has green eyes and green eye shadow. She even wears a blue dress and a sparkly pink belt. Jurina Le Mala also has a hot pink headband on her hair.

History Edit

Her first appearance is 'Where is Jurina Le Mala?", where she is bought by Chuck Adoodledoo at the store. When Chuck is taking a bath in the bathroom, he accidentally throw her into the toilet and she was flushed to the sewer. As when Chuck thinks she is dead. At the end of the episode, she is seen that she is not dead and was not founded by someone yet.

Later, in "Bad Jurina", her mind is been switched to Dee's mind while hers is switched to Dee's. It was up to Chuck, Wing Span and Flick Feathers to stop her from being a villain and then she was back to her normal mind. At the end of the episode, she is thrown into the trash can but it was later revealed that she might still be alive.

Personality Edit

Jurina Le Mala is kind, sweet and gentle. But when she turned evil, she is greedy, selfish and bitter. Her only goal is to have Dee's mind and that she doesn't want her mind.

Trivia Edit