Mimi is the first Chuck Chicken short, premiering on 31 January, 2018.

Season unknown, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date 31 January, 2018
Written by Tina Fey
Directed by Lou Diamond Phillips
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Unknown The Scariest Story

Synopsis Edit

Don attempts to wake a sleeping cat.

Plot Edit

The short begins as Don walks by the fence to see Mimi, who however sounded unlikely which Don said that it doesn't sound like a happy kitty noise. But as he tries to think of doing something that'll make Mimi either sound happy, but as he climbs beneath the fence, but fails. He also inserted a fish bone in the hole, but doesn't respond. So Don ends up tossing the fish bone across the street. He walks across the dumpster to find something, just as a raccoon came out. He comes in and out and came over with a bunch of stuff from the dumpster. He first gave the fish sub, and then the doll, and then the paper, which flew away. As Don moans that he tried everything with no avail and then lies on the ground, in the background, Sam's teacher, Ms. Jackson tries to remove the fish bone. As Don continuously moans in the background, just as Ms. Jackson finally removes the fish bone, the tire deflates, making her to find one in the trunk. Until Don comes back and tries to tell Mimi something, in a sing-song way, until something moving as Mimi was not actually a cat but rather Flick in her black and white pyjamas, which it shocked and scared Don away, while Ms. Jackson tries to remove the flat tire, a black fuel splashed upon her face and saw Flick as she breaks through the fence. She quickly removes just as Flick, confused, and her cat recently meowing. She finally turns to Ms. Jackson as saying hi, but Ms. Jackson carelessly flags him and walks away, while Flick's pyjama flap falls off, revealing a her pantyliner.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It turns out that Mimi isn't a cat but rather Flick herself.
  • This is the first short Chuck Adoodledoo didn't appeared.
  • The "Suki-chan" doll appeared for the second time since "The Lovely Anime Doll".
    • But however, he doesn't even remember having her from the last time as he stated that it looks familiar.