Princess Sparkle Rainbow is a fictional character of Foxfur's favorite TV show, The Sparklecorns. She was the leader of the Sparklecorns who wanted to protect their home from the evil Sour Witch.

About Her Edit

Princess Sparkle Rainbow is the main protagonist of the TV show, The Sparklecorns which is about her and her friends that had fun in Lovetopia, their home that they wanted to protect from Sour Witch who wants to turn their home into a dark sour paradise. She is also known for spawning her own breakfast cereal and theme park. Foxfur is a fan of her TV show, and often fills her bedroom with Sparklecorn merchandise. Princess Sparkle Rainbow also lives in her castle that was made of licorice candy and chocolate chip cookies.

Trivia Edit

  • Princess Sparkle Rainbow has her owl cereal, Rainbow Hearts.
  • She also has her own theme park, Rainbowland.
  • The episode, "Foxfur's Sparklecorn Fan Club" is the first debut of her three friends, Peppermint Ice Cream, Sugary Tea and Blueberry Cheesecake.