Dee, Dex and Don are a group of greedy ducks who wanted to be the richest ducks on Rocky Perch Island, which Dee has created two helpers, Dex and Don. Dex is the biggest duck which he's ugly and greedy, and Don was Dee's sidekick. The Ducks tried to rob the treasures from the museum. As their plans had failed. They also appeared in Chuck Chicken Power Up!

Members Edit


The leader of the group who dreams of being mayor of Rocky Perch Island.


He's the sidekick of Dee with the robot body.


He's Don's minion. And he's fat!!

The group appears in the episodes:

Information about The Ducks Edit

Names: Dee (#1) Don (#2) Dex (#3)

Birth: 23 April 2007

Allies: Each other, Fiona (Don's Harry and Bunnie Fan Doll)

Enemies: Wing Span, Flick Feathers, Chuck Adoodledoo

Goal: To have Dee to be the hero of Rocky Perch Island and steal valuables and destroy Chuck (sometimes failed)

Alignment: Bad

Likes: Dee being the hero of Rocky Perch Island, taunting and destroying Chuck, treasures such as gold, jewelry, etc.

Dislikes: Failing, Dee and Dex having Don moping about Fiona from Harry and Bunnie

Fate: Their plans always fail by Chuck and his friends